[K12OSN] SchoolTool vs. Open Admin / Communication with Moodle?

Onatawahtaw onatawahtaw at yahoo.ca
Mon Jun 5 20:22:49 UTC 2006


Those who know me, know I am an avid supporter of Open
Admin for Schools (richtech.ca/openadmin). I have
recently been hearing about SchoolTool
(schooltool.org) on this list. From what I've read,
SchoolTool is starting to work towards many of the
same features that Open Admin has. While I realize
that SchoolTool is still in its early stages, does
anyone know of any features that it will have that
Open Admin doesn't have?

Also, as a side question, has anyone heard of
combining one of these two Student Information Systems
with Moodle? Or does anyone know of other school
administration software that does? Both OpenAdmin and
SchoolTool have a gradebook (though I haven't been
able to find SchoolTool's Gradebook - probably because
it's still in its alpha stage). It would make life so
much easier to interface one or both of them with

God bless,


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