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Hi Robert,

Nice piece on LTSP and rationals for using FOSS.


On 5/2/06, pogson <robert.pogson at gmail.com> wrote:
> I am cheap. I am looking at NTAVO 6010P terminals booting PXE. With LTSP
> 4.2, it is easy to set up two virtual terminals for logins. So far, I have
> only PS/2 mouse and keyboard working with one monitor. I expect I will be
> able to use a second keyboard and mouse by USB and a second monitor by an
> available PCI slot. Has anyone done this? There is plenty of CPU power and
> 128 MB RAM.
> The box of the 6010P uses less than 20 watts but has two fans, one on the
> CPU and one on the power supply/case. I suspect the fans are only useful if
> a hot video card and hard drive is added. Does anyone run these fanless? I
> blocked the case fan and had only a 3 degree rise in temperatures. I cannot
> seem to find tech specs.
> Robert Pogson
> http://www.skyweb.ca/~alicia/LTSP.pdf<http://www.skyweb.ca/%7Ealicia/LTSP.pdf>
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