[K12OSN] yum problems on dialup

Gavin Chester sales at ecosolutions.com.au
Tue May 30 18:25:57 UTC 2006

On Tue, 2006-05-30 at 10:52 -0500, Tim Born wrote:
> Gavin Chester wrote:
> >I looked into this some more and followed the directions given at the
> >foot of this page:
> >http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Extras/Mirrors
> >to add a local mirrors for fedora-extras, at least.
> >
> >Now I consistently get an error that yum failed to parse the XML file:
> >
> >-------------------
> >cannot open/read repomd.xml file for repository: extras
> >Error importing repomd.xml from extras: Error: could not parse
> >file //var/cache/yum/extras/repomd.xml
> >-------------------
> >
> >I even tried reverting to using apt, but of course it doesn't come setup
> >with decent repos anymore.  When I did configure the livna repo, apt
> >just wanted to remove packages to be able to add new ones.  I am NOT
> >going down that path again, so forget it, apt :-(
> >
> >Gavin
> >
>  From your description I'm assuming you have a local mirror that you 
> created by cloning some other repo.
> The error you report sounds like the index of meta info for the repo has 
> not been built.
> Pls verify that you have a repodmd.xml file at that location.

Thanks, Tim.  I realised after your response that wording of my posting
was misleading on a computer forum :-O.  When I said a "local" mirror I
meant in the geographical sense, not in the computer sense of being on
local media.  Sorry.  The file exists in the directory I cited.  I only
avoid that error by excluding that particular repo, 'extras'.  I'll look
into it some more, if I can.


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