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Re: [K12OSN] Custom menus?

perhaps I'm misunderstanding, but is this windows-manager specific?
if using ICEWM you should be able to edit /usr/share/icewm/menu

and create all that you need...

I created a custom menu for the elementary school that has programs grouped by grade level (even though some 8th graders really like GCompris *boggles*)

not sure about restricting a menu-item/group to a specific usergroup..


Les Mikesell wrote:
This isn't specifically a k12ltsp question, but someone may have an interesting technique so I'll ask here anyway. I'd like to set up a menu system that scales to a large number of choices and can be easily modified - and it should be usable by a group of users, but not necessarily all users on the machine. The first use will be to allow quickly ssh'ing to a large number of other machines arranged in groups but it will likely expand to several other operations and vnc/rdesktop connections as well.

I could do a mac-like applications folder with launchers in the filesystem for every operation and symlink that into everyone's desktop but that seems a little cumbersome. Are there better approaches?

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