[K12OSN] How to change own user password

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Fri Mar 7 15:17:27 UTC 2008

On Fri, 7 Mar 2008 19:52:26 +1300, Krsnendu dasa wrote
> Does this work for non-root users? When I tried something similar in the
> pass only root could change passwords. It seemed that users could change
> their own passwds, but they never actually changed. Maybe it was the way
> smbldap was set up. It thought that a way around this would be to make a
> script that runs sudo that calls the smbldap passwd script. all users would
> need sudo rights to run just the script.

Our users have no problem changing passwords with "passwd username", but I only use ldap
and no smb.


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