[K12OSN] Re: video on LTSP

Morten Gausland morten at gmail.com
Sun Nov 23 08:36:10 UTC 2008

>> > Hello all:
>> >
>> > I am having problems with watching videos using K12LTSP on Fedora 
>> > Core 6. I am at a school site and we have a teacher running a 
>> > project with students creating stop motion video (digital pictures) 
>> > using clay-mation. I have converted the images into video @ 400kbps 
>> > and 5 frame/sec. encoding (using either .flv and .mp4 formats) and 
>> > cannot get them to play using  Totem (Mplayer v2.16.5) or vlc. Once 
>> > converted into a movie file, either of the two players will open 
>> > the file and then immediately shutdown. I can play the files in 
>> > either format in Mplayer on my Ubuntu desktop.
>> >
>> > My guess is that LTSP just can't support the bandwidth needed to 
>> > stream the files. Any suggestions on how to make this work on LTSP?

Does the same thing happen if you play the videos on the server, and not on
a client?

Some versions of vlc have problems playing video due to a bug in QT4. Try to
start vlc from the command line using "vlc --no-embedded-video".

For both Totem and vlc: start in a terminal window and see if you get an
error message.

Best regards, Morten

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