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UPDATE: [K12OSN] newbee: PXE E11 Arp Timeout

Hello All,

Okay, I reburned my usg stick and setup the LIveCD exactly like the K12Linux Quick Start Guide said and now I do not get the ARP Timeout error. However, now what happens is my client gets to a screen that shows "Sponsered by Redhat" at the bottom and a Preferences option where I can Select Language, Select Session, Reboot, Shutdown, but there is no place to Logon. There is a partial letter K in the middle of the screen.

Any ideas what is going on here? I have rebooted a few times but always get stuck at the same screen.


murrah boswell wrote:
Hello all,

I just setup my first k12linux testing system using the Live CD version burned onto a USB stick. when I try to connect a client to the server, I see that I do get assigned and ip in the correct dhcp range, but then get this message a couple of times:

PXE E11 ARP Timeout

Then after the arp timeout errors and the tftp notice, the client monitor just sits there with a blank screen.

For my client, I am using a Dell Latitude 600 laptop with a 3Com minipc nic.

Any ideas what the problem(s) might be?

Also, anyone know why the version of fedora used in the Live CD does not have netfilter modules built into the kernel?

Murrah Boswell

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