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SOLVED: Re: [K12OSN] K12LTSP 5EL Questions

Hello all,

Thanks for all your input on my problem.


pointed me to the problems.

1. I didn't have udp port 177 open in iptables, and
2. the initdefault in /etc/inittab was set to 3

Made the changes and everything seems to be okay.

Again, thanks for all your help!

Murrah Boswell

murrah boswell wrote:

I asked this in another thread, but I think the thread was getting old.

Anyway, I have K12LTSP 5EL installed on a server but can not get a client to fully connect via pxe. The client session seems to go okay but then never gets past a grey screen with an X cursor. It never completes the boot of the desktop.

I have tried changing the Screen_01 to shell in lts.conf, but that does not make any difference. I still get hung at the grey screen.

My client is a Dell C600 and it works fine when I have the server booted off a usb stick with K12Linux Live CD, but I have somehow missed something in my K12LTSP 5EL setup. Anybody have any ideas what I have done wrong?

A step by step setup for installing K12LTSP 5EL on a server would be helpful so I do not have to keep pestering this list with basic questions, but I have not been able to find one with all the pieces.

Thanks and Regards,
Murrah Boswell

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