[K12OSN] cable connection - direct to server

Barry Cisna brcisna at eazylivin.net
Mon Apr 5 01:24:41 UTC 2010


thanks much for the mac change idea it makes sense,, but i can connect
two different winders laptops no probs,,with different macs to the
sb5120 cable modem directly no probs and they obtain the correct info
from the cable co.
i did find an old post in regards to someone get IGMP request/multicast
errors in the sb5120 modem/logs,,,which mine had as well.
i reset the linux firewall to max to block icmp/igmp (i think) but still
the k12ltsp machine threw errors,pinging from to,,it may be a diff ip the next time as well?

about a month ago this cable co run new fiber and upped the throughput.
i am going to call them and try and talk to one gentleman that seems
very knowledgeable on what is going on there,,hopefully,,:-).

Sidenote: Some time back I built an k12ltsp server for my neighbor for
his kids to run off of. I experienced the very same behavior as he has
the same sb5120 modem/same cable co,,and his server really struggles to
get an ip as it was plugged directly into the sb5120 but would
eventually get an ip address.it may take one two days,say after the
power went out for example. very odd,,,huh.


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