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[K12OSN] Summer is fast approaching! AND so is FOSSed 2010!


Hey everyone!  Summer vacation is fast approaching!  For many that means the kids are gone and it's time to recharge, refocus, and get things ready for another great school year!  For many of us it also means having to find creative ways to do more with less.  Budgets are tight and as a result technology folks are looking for new ways to maximize their dollars.  FOSSed can help!

Free and Open Source Software in EDucation (hence FOSSed) can help anyone get more bang for their buck while maintaining quality instruction and programming in their school or organization.  We've got many great sessions for you this year!  The program is almost final, but I keep getting awesome ideas that keep making it harder to finish ;-)  We'll have sessions like "Making the Switch - moving to Google Apps", "Build an Electric Fence for your Network", "Open Source Authentication using Samba/LDAP - aka linux and active directory", "Nagios", "Creating Collaborative Learning Environments", "Virtualization", "Open1to1.org", "A Teachers Toolbox", "Quick and Easy Web tools for Motivating and Enhancing Learning", "Digital Citizenship in the Elementary Grades", "Introduction to Open Source Multi-media Production (video and audio)", "Beginning Linux - learn to how easy it us to use and install!", "Whistle while you Work!", and SO MUCH MORE (I'm out of room here)  ;-)  These are half-day or full-day sessions where you really get a chance to be "hands-on" try things out and learn from professionals just like you who use this stuff every day! 

Want to learn more?  You can join us at FOSSed!  Get the chance to talk to others and see how they're using Open Source in their schools and classrooms.  Along with the popular Google Apps sessions...there are many other sessions for teachers and techies alike that will help you learn more to enhance and transform your classroom, school, or district.  FOSSed is 3 days of fantastic hands-on learning, after-hours networking, and just plain fun! 

Join us!  July 7th - 9th at Gould Academy in Bethel, Maine.  Stay on campus for just $495 which includes EVERYTHING...all meals, rooms, and the conference.  Live nearby?  Join us as an off-campus attendee for $455...this includes the conference and snacks/lunch.  Looking for professional development or recertification credit?  FOSSed offers 3.0 CEU's through the University of Southern Maine (USM) via an official transcript.  See?  There are so many cool things about FOSSed....you should come!

FOSSed is coming very soon!  So register TODAY!  We want you there with us!  :-)   http://www.fossed.com

Are you an ACTEM member?  Use your professional development benefit.  Find out more at ACTEM.org  Have some special circumstances or need some flexibility?  Let us know!  We want YOU at FOSSed and will work with you to make it happen.  Flexible payment options (PO, check, credit card...) and a great conference!  (we can even bill you after July 1st for those using $$$ from the new fiscal year budget)

Visit http://www.fossed.com for more information and to register today! 

Questions?  Contact us at copperdoggy gmail com

Hope to see you there!

David Trask
FOSSed 2010

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