[K12OSN] Frustration with RHEL6.1 (Jim Kinney)

Brian Fristensky bfristen at shaw.ca
Thu Sep 8 00:57:05 UTC 2011

Yep. The reason I couldn't install anything turned out to be that I hadn't yet 
my copy of RHEL with RedHat.

One interesting thing to come of this is the REASON I couldn't register. I am 
not certain
yet, but it appears that the login at RedHat.com is kind of flakey with certain 
I have tried SeaMonkey on two different machines, and in both cases, if you type
in the correct userid and password, you get kicked back out to the login prompt.
I was successful with Google Chrome, and had mixed luck with Firefox on two
different machines. I need to do a few more experiments. For example, with
SeaMonkey, even deleting all cookies didn't help. I need to distinguish
between the browser per se, and some setting of the browser.

Brian Fristensky wrote:
> We'll see. My gut feeling is that Gavin is right, and that it's because I 
> didn't register
> my Red Hat license yet. Which I would have done during the install. Which I 
> couldn't do right
> away because RedHat isn't recognizing my password, which did work a week ago, and
> the automated 'lost password' mechanism isn't responding to me, and this being 
> Labor
> Day weekend, neither, so far, has customer service.
> I will make a point of posting when I get this sorted out for others to benefit.
> But in particular, the observation that yum simply refused to acknowledge
> that there was anything to update on a new install sounds seems compatible
> with the presumption that if you don't register, updates are blocked. I should
> be able to test that as soon as I get a working Red Hat password.
> Carl Keil wrote:
>> Maybe my experience has nothing to do with your problem, but I had very, very 
>> similar yum symptoms after my recent install of Centos 5.6.  It turned out 
>> that my router, for some reason, wasn't routing to my server.  I think it was 
>> because I was using the same server, and IP address as the old install, but I 
>> swapped out a different NIC.  (I was getting back on my feet after the death 
>> of my boot drive.)  My theory is that somehow the gateway to the internet was 
>> remembering the old MAC address and not simply relaying things to the old 
>> IP.   As soon as I undid the port forwarding on the router and reset it, 
>> everything was like the good old days of 2009, not 2000.  I know what you 
>> mean, I had that exact same thought during my ordeal.  It was a really bad, 
>> frustrating flashback.  Both the feeling that Linux wasn't "mature" and that 
>> I didn't know crap about how to use it.  In the end, it had nothing to do 
>> with Linux.
>> Try starting a yum updating and then running "netstat" (I'm pretty sure 
>> that's what it was?)  Or the gui "System Monitor".  Those seemed to throw my 
>> NIC into "promiscuous" mode and all of a sudden things would download.
>> Could any of that be relevant to your situation?  Have you rebooted/reset all 
>> the network equipment between your server and the world?
>> HTH
>> ck
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