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Re: [K12OSN] Frustration with RHEL6.1 (Jim Kinney)

Yep. The reason I couldn't install anything turned out to be that I hadn't yet registered
my copy of RHEL with RedHat.

One interesting thing to come of this is the REASON I couldn't register. I am not certain yet, but it appears that the login at RedHat.com is kind of flakey with certain browsers.
I have tried SeaMonkey on two different machines, and in both cases, if you type
in the correct userid and password, you get kicked back out to the login prompt.
I was successful with Google Chrome, and had mixed luck with Firefox on two
different machines. I need to do a few more experiments. For example, with
SeaMonkey, even deleting all cookies didn't help. I need to distinguish
between the browser per se, and some setting of the browser.

Brian Fristensky wrote:
We'll see. My gut feeling is that Gavin is right, and that it's because I didn't register my Red Hat license yet. Which I would have done during the install. Which I couldn't do right
away because RedHat isn't recognizing my password, which did work a week ago, and
the automated 'lost password' mechanism isn't responding to me, and this being Labor
Day weekend, neither, so far, has customer service.

I will make a point of posting when I get this sorted out for others to benefit.
But in particular, the observation that yum simply refused to acknowledge
that there was anything to update on a new install sounds seems compatible
with the presumption that if you don't register, updates are blocked. I should
be able to test that as soon as I get a working Red Hat password.

Carl Keil wrote:
Maybe my experience has nothing to do with your problem, but I had very, very similar yum symptoms after my recent install of Centos 5.6. It turned out that my router, for some reason, wasn't routing to my server. I think it was because I was using the same server, and IP address as the old install, but I swapped out a different NIC. (I was getting back on my feet after the death of my boot drive.) My theory is that somehow the gateway to the internet was remembering the old MAC address and not simply relaying things to the old IP. As soon as I undid the port forwarding on the router and reset it, everything was like the good old days of 2009, not 2000. I know what you mean, I had that exact same thought during my ordeal. It was a really bad, frustrating flashback. Both the feeling that Linux wasn't "mature" and that I didn't know crap about how to use it. In the end, it had nothing to do with Linux.

Try starting a yum updating and then running "netstat" (I'm pretty sure that's what it was?) Or the gui "System Monitor". Those seemed to throw my NIC into "promiscuous" mode and all of a sudden things would download.

Could any of that be relevant to your situation? Have you rebooted/reset all the network equipment between your server and the world?



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