[libvirt] libvirt: C++ or Java?

Ganesh Pagade ganesh.pagade at gmail.com
Sun Apr 11 10:49:14 UTC 2010


I am planning to develop a management application for managing Redhat Xen
and Redhat KVM hypervisors. I am evaluating the Java bindings versus the C++
version of libvirt. As part of evaluation, I could not find meaningful
answers to the questions below. Hence, I thought that people on this mailing
list would be the most appropriate to comment on them. Can you please let me
know your views?

1. Are all functions that are available in C API available in Java?
2. Are Java bindings added along with every enhancement to C API?
3. If answer to above question is negative, typically how long does it takes
for the addition of Java bindings for the enhancement?
4. Most of libvirt based third party management applications use which of
Java bindings or C API?
5. What are your good/bad experiences while using either of C API or Java
6. What is your concluding personal recommendation?

And finally, since libvirt is a Redhat Emerging Technology project, does
Redhat or any other third party service providers provide paid assistance,

Appreciate your time. Thanks.

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