[Linux-cluster] 9i RAC GFS Certification?

Thai Duong thaidn at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 10:04:55 UTC 2006

You are rite. ATM, Oracle only certifies GFS 6.0 on x86 RHEL3 only. Anyway,
we have been running a RAC with GFS 6.0 on ia64 RHEL 3 for months
without no major problem. We had some problems with < patchset but
after upgrading to the current patchset, the system is quite stable.

We have been testing another RAC with GFS 6.1 on ia64 RHEL 4 for two
weeks. So far so good. If things go smoothly in the next two weeks, we will
upgrade our production system to RHEL4. Yeah we know that using something
not certified is dangerous but as far as I know Oracle has no plan to
certify GFS 6.1 on RHEL4. So we must certify it ourselves!


Thai Duong.

PS: Brian, your lastname looks like a Vietnamese name. I'm a Vietnamese ;).
On 2/21/06, Brian Long <brilong at cisco.com> wrote:
> On Mon, 2006-02-20 at 14:27 -0500, Brian Long wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I'm fairly new to this list.  Could someone point me to the document
> > which states Oracle and Red Hat have certified 9i RAC on GFS?  I'm
> > looking for a certification matrix; for example, I've heard only GLM,
> > not DLM, is certified as the locking manager.  Is this correct?
> After reading a few Metalink articles, it appears the only certified
> solution for 9i RAC is GFS 6.0 on RHEL 3 32-bit only.  This severely
> limits things since I was hoping to deploy 9i RAC on RHEL 4 with GFS
> 6.1  :(
> /Brian/
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