[Linux-cluster] Cannot restart service after "failed" state

Bosse Klykken bosse at klykken.com
Sat Sep 23 16:00:44 UTC 2006

Huesser Peter wrote:
> I have defined a web-services (for testing it contains an IP and two
> script resources). I sometimes happens that I produce failed state of
> the cluster. After this I am not able to restart the service anymore.
> Even after a reboot of all (two) clustermembers it is not possible. Do I
> have to remove by hand some kind of “lock” file.

If the problem is that you're unable to restart the service when it is
in "failed" modus, you could try this:

clusvcadm -d service	# disables the failed service
clusvcadm -e service	# enables/starts the now disabled service


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