[linux-lvm] [RFC] LVM mainatainance release

Andreas Dilger adilger at turbolinux.com
Fri Oct 27 03:04:46 UTC 2000

Jan writes:
> As Heinz seems to release his next version as 0.9, there will be no
> numbering conflicts, and even if your 0.8.1 will not be 'made official'
> by him, it'll be a common ground for further 0.8 bugfixing. 

I agree we should make bugfix releases available between the major
updates from Heinz.  It would save a lot of people grief, and a lot
of FAQs here.

> The problem I have with Andreas' RPMs is, that there are no announcements
> of new versions (at least not on any mailing list I read), so I need to
> regularily check if they contain some new patches I need. And tar is more
> convenient for people not using rpm.

Initially I made just the SRPM available because that's what my development
is based on, and I can use alien to convert it to .deb format.  If people
really want, I can also make a patched tarball available with very little
effort, since I keep a patched and unpatched tree already.  I will make
a tarball available with my next release (today or tomorrow).

Actually, I don't do too many updates to my SRPM.  Normally only when
people have reported a bug here, as I'm waiting for 0.9 before I do any
more changes.  I do normally post something to linux-lvm, but I will make
a point of being more verbose about it, rather than hiding it in another

I would prefer if Heinz opened a project on SourceForge, so that we can
have CVS, bugzilla, patch tracking, etc, and allow a limited number of
developers write access to the project.  My second choice is simply a
URL from the official LVM site pointing to wherever I keep my patches -
this frees both Heinz and myself from having to co-ordinate a bugfix
release.  Failing that, I will simply make the files available on my
site and keep pointing it out to people when they report a problem here.

Cheers, Andreas
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