[linux-lvm] Performance problem.

neuron neuron at hollowtube.mine.nu
Tue Nov 18 08:44:02 UTC 2003

great, dunno about testing.  Copying large amounts of data atleast.  Also fragmentation is an issue to keep in mind, so duplicate the disk, don't cp the data over.

If you don't get any performance increase, and got the time, you could also create a lvm2 setup, not using compatibility, and check if that's a considerable performance increase.  Though it would be quite a lot of work for me to move the data to lvm2, I would if I knew it would fix my problems.
> Was able to borrow a disk from work, so I'm going to make a duplicate of my
> system disk and setup a new LVM on two other disks. Then I'm going to
> upgrade it to 2.6.0-test9 with devicemapper.
> This way, I can learn from my mistakes without loosing my current setup, it
> should also give a better idea of how my new setup will perform once I do it
> on the real system. Going to do some benchmarking before and after I update
> to see what kind of performance difference to expect (if any).
> Any tips, ideas or experience anyone want to share before I jump into the
> upgrade frenzymode later this evening?
> /Henric

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