[linux-lvm] dmraid and pvcreate

James Pattinson jamesp at hisser.org
Sat Oct 15 20:13:58 UTC 2005

Hi All

Further to my previous email, I've temporarily ditched the adaptec card 
and am experimenting with the motherboard's built in Silicon Image RAID 
controller. Seems to work much better!

I ran dmraid -ay and I can format /dev/mapper/sil_afbgccdfdfcd but can't 
pvcreate it:

crocodile ~ # dmraid -s
*** Active Set
name   : sil_afbgccdfdfcd
size   : 290445824
stride : 256
type   : stripe
status : ok
subsets: 0
devs   : 2
spares : 0
crocodile ~ # pvcreate /dev/mapper/sil_afbgccdfdfcd
  Device /dev/mapper/sil_afbgccdfdfcd not found.

Is there a step I'm missing?



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