[linux-lvm] Pvmove Cannot Be Aborted

Jim Schatzman james.schatzman at futurelabusa.com
Wed Jul 4 14:05:04 UTC 2007


I made the mistake of trying to use pvmove to move any good data from a bad disk to a new identical good disk in an LV. Unfortunately, the Pvmove failed in midoperation. It cannot now be aborted, presumably because of the bad disk.

Furthermore, when I set up /dev/ioerror with dmsetup and try to activate the LV with -Pay, I get a LV that is unusable ("d" type).

So... if I activate/mount the LV normally, the mount works but I get IO errors and eventually the drive turns itself off. I cannot mount the LV without the missing drive (type "d", which I am guessing happens due to the pending pvmove). I cannot abort the pvmove because of the bad drive.

So... I have learned my lesson - never use pvmove on a bad drive. However, now that I have done it, how can I extract the data from the remaining JBOD disks in the LV?



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