[linux-lvm] duplicating a snapshot volume

Troy Hanson troy at omniti.com
Fri Jan 4 15:45:30 UTC 2008

I see that lvcreate cannot create a snapshot volume from another  
snapshot volume. It gives an error message about  snapshots of  
snapshots being "not supported yet".

As an alternative, is there any way to duplicate (not snapshot) a  
snapshot volume, i.e. so the new snapshot shares the same source and  
accumulated differences as the original snapshot?

I assume copying the snapshot with dd would produce a flat, non- 
snapshot volume, but I want my copy to still be a snapshot.

Context: I'm running a bunch of Xen VM's. I have a base logical volume  
from which snapshots are made, one for each Xen VM. But I want to go  
one step further, with multiple snapshots per VM.


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