[linux-lvm] Removing a very old physical drive - revisited

malahal at us.ibm.com malahal at us.ibm.com
Wed Oct 28 16:07:47 UTC 2009

Nicholas Robinson [npr at bottlehall.co.uk] wrote:
> Hi Malahal
> Thanks for your reply. I don't really want to use the new/temporary disc
> long-term, it seems that pvmove needs space to create a mirror-lv whilst
> it is working and it seemed possible that the original problem was that
> this extra space wasn't there.

As far as I know, you don't need extra space. The temporary mirror is
created to copy the data. I believe, it creates a corelog mirror and
should NOT need extra space. Let us hope someone responds from the
dm-devel list!

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