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Sat Mar 5 19:55:20 UTC 2022

compatibility and definitely there was not rev. level compatibility.

If you care about Win2K, MS is supposed to be releasing a iSCSI initiator =
driver in=20
the summer.  It will meet the formal spec. not the draft releases.

BTW: From an efficiency perspective you should check out iSCSI NICs.  There is =
lot of TCP/IP overhead associated with iSCSI, and these NICS are designed to =
that portion of the CPU load.  I have not used them, but I assume the present a =
interface at the PCI bus level.

FYI2: Snapshots require LV support _and_ FS support.  In what you are =
LVM would provide the LV aspect, but you would need to support only filesystems =
which have a freeze capability.  I use xfs and I know it does.  LV resize would =
need corresponding FS support.=20

Greg Freemyer

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