[Ovirt-devel] Questions on the Server Suite UI

Scott Seago sseago at redhat.com
Mon Nov 17 16:20:28 UTC 2008

Bryan Kearney wrote:
> Bryan Kearney wrote:
>> Below are a couple of functional question on the UI having installed 
>> it, and reviewed version .6 of the docs. I realize the answer may be 
>> "in an upcoming release", but I wanted to at least throw it out:
>> 1) Can I set quotas at the VM pool level, or are they only inherited 
>> from the hardware pool?
>> 2) Are there plans to support moving vm pools between hardware pools?
>> 3) Can I move a storage server from one pool to another if it is 
>> being used? If not, where do I see the information about where it is 
>> being used?
>> 4) In the appliance setup, is there a ui path to add users to LDAP?
>> 5) In the docs it says that a user is defined at the Hardware / VM 
>> pool level and can not be moved. But, I assume that a person can have 
>> access to many hardware or VM pools. Is that accurate?
>> 6) What is a SmartPool?
>> Couple of UI RFEs:
>> - Given the richness of the UI, I keep expecting a right click 
>> context menu. Especially in the tree nav.
>> - When creating a VM, a refresh button would be nice. Unless you have 
>> push to the client.
> Follow up question:
> Assume I have a hardware pool with 40 cpus, 40 Gigs RAM, and 400 Gigs 
> Storage. If I wanted to dole it out to several development teams, 
> would the assumption be that I create a hardware pool with default 
> quotas of (4, 4, 10) and then create 10 team Virtual Machine pools? If 
> I assume that each team will use 1/2 of the capacity I give them, I 
> could assume creating 15 to 20 Virtual Machine pools. Is there an 
> expected best practice for this?
One point here - -we're currently limited to a single layer of VM pools 
-- i.e. you can't split one VM pool into smaller sub-VM pools, although 
this functionality is eventually planned. So the next question to ask is 
whether the VMs for each team are truly shared (no individual 
permissions, anyone can start/stop any VM) or if each user should have 
exclusive create/destroy/etc rights for his own VMs. In the former case, 
then one VM pool per team would work -- in the latter case, then you'd 
want each developer on the team to have a separate VM pool, and you'd 
want to have a hardware pool for each team.

So the suggestion you list above will work fine if each user in a team 
has total control over all of that team's resources. If you want 
per-user VM pools, your only choice right now would be to make sub-HW 
pools with 1/10 of the hosts and 1/10 of the storage in each, and break 
the VM pools out at that point.

Once we implement nested VM pools then your specified use case above 
would still work fine in the per-user VMs case -- we'd just break each 
of those 10 VM pools down into sub-VM pools, with or without additional 
quota restrictions per user.

> -- bk
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