[Pulp-dev] PyPI names for Pulp3

Jeremy Audet jaudet at redhat.com
Wed Apr 19 14:43:31 UTC 2017

Beware that using a name of "pulp3" can cause packaging issues. Consider
this scenario:

   1. The (non-Red Hat) pulp application jumps from version 3 to 4.
   2. Downstream packagers upgrade their (non-Red Hat) "pulp" package from
   version 3 to 4.
   3. Downstream packagers create a "pulp3" package that provides version 3
   of the (non-Red Hat) pulp application.

This scenario I just outlined isn't weird or unusual. For example, on my
system, I can install the following packages:

   - python (Python 3.6.0)
   - python35 (Python 3.5.3)
   - python34 (Python 3.4.6)
   - python33 (Python 3.3.6)
   - python32 (Python 3.2.6)
   - python30 (Python 3.0.1)
   - python2 (Python 2.7.13)

How weird would it be if someone started distributing ann unrelated
"python4" package?

By distributing the (Red Hat) pulp application under the name pulp3, we
make life harder for downstream package maintainers.
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