[Pulp-dev] Merging forward master -> 3.0-dev

Michael Hrivnak mhrivnak at redhat.com
Thu Aug 3 12:33:24 UTC 2017

On Tue, Aug 1, 2017 at 5:33 PM, Brian Bouterse <bbouters at redhat.com> wrote:

> Originally 3.0-dev was branched from master, and we've merged master back
> into 3.0-dev twice, once at the end of 2016 and once in early 2017. I
> haven't heard about any plans to merge master -> 3.0-dev again. I want to
> check in if its time to declare that we aren't going to do that merge
> forward again.
> I don't think there is much value in merging forward master -> 3.0-dev
> again because the 3.0 code is so different than the 2.y code on master that
> any diffs probably won't even make sense anymore. Also, the last merge
> forward was pretty darn painful and it took a while.
> So with ^ in mind we could:
> 1) Decide that we don't need to merge forward master -> 3.0-dev again.

I agree. We don't likely have much to gain by trying another merge, and it
would definitely be painful.

> 2) Clean up the 3.0-dev repo. Basically delete everything on 3.0-dev that
> isn't part of the Pulp3 codebase. We can hammer out exactly what those
> things are on an issue that isn't yet written.
We were getting some value out of tracking what Pulp 2 code had been
converted by removing it from the 3.0-dev branch as we went along. I'm not
sure how well that's serving us though, and I'd be happy discontinuing that
pattern. I figured at some point we would need a big purge, and doing that
soon would be fine unless anyone finds the current pattern particularly


Michael Hrivnak

Principal Software Engineer, RHCE

Red Hat
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