[Pulp-dev] Namespacing plugins, looking for feedback

Tatiana Tereshchenko ttereshc at redhat.com
Sun Dec 16 21:40:33 UTC 2018

There is an issue [0] of colliding type names in the content summary which
evolved into more general namespacing problem for plugins.

The suggested changes [1] are:
 1. include plugin name into the content summary

"content_summary": {
    "pulp_rpm.package": 50,
    "pulp_rpm.errata": 2,
    "pulp_file.file": 5

2. include plugin name into content endpoints
/api/v3/content/file/files/ --> /api/v3/content/pulp_file/files/
/api/v3/content/rpm/packages/ --> /api/v3/content/pulp_rpm/packages/
/api/v3/content/rpm/errata/ --> /api/v3/content/pulp_rpm/errata/

For the change #1, not only content summary output is changed but the type
itself in the database. If the content type is used somewhere in the
filters, it should be specified in that format: "plugin_name.plugin_type".
Does it makes sense to extend the master model and have a plugin name field
and a type field, instead of putting preformatted string into the type

For the change #2, endpoints are namespaced only for the content endpoint
and not for other endpoints related to master/detail models, like remotes,
publishers, etc. It's inconsistent, however it makes the most sense to have
it for content endpoints.

Any concerns or thoughts?

Thank you,

[0] https://pulp.plan.io/issues/4185#note-8
[1] https://github.com/pulp/pulp/pull/3801
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