[Pulp-dev] Integrating Katello with Pulp3 Recap

Brian Bouterse bbouters at redhat.com
Tue May 22 22:19:18 UTC 2018

Today 4 Pulp devs and 2 Katello devs* met, and we produced this page in the
katello wiki:

It includes a section for each part of the Katello UI that involves Pulp in
any way. Some sections will be large, some small, which makes makes putting
dates on topics challenging. We are going top-to-bottom through this doc,
so you can see the order at least. Next time (thursday) we're trying to
wrap up the 'Products' page of Katello. I'm told it's the largest of them
all. Based on what I've seen so far and the total number of pages I've
seen, we'll have 6 -8 meetings total. With two meetings / week that would
wrap this up around June 7 or 14th.

If anyone does specifically want to join, let jsherrill (cc'd) know; it's
his call bridge. We are meeting Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12pm - 1pm EDT
(4pm - 5pm UTC). All content updates will post to the wiki. Any input or
questions via the list are welcome also.

Specifically where we need help from other Pulp contributors is in
answering how Pulp3 could resolve gaps discovered through this process.
These gaps are cases where Pulp3 currently can't support Katello's existing
workflows. We'll bring back a list of these gap areas to this list once we
get a bit further through this process.

*: jsherrill, paji, daviddavis, ttereshc, dkliban, bmbouter


On Thu, May 17, 2018 at 3:43 PM, Robin Chan <rchan at redhat.com> wrote:

> +1 to the schedule - we have folks who will likely head up different
> efforts and we will want them to participate.
> On Thu, May 17, 2018 at 3:32 PM, Brian Bouterse <bbouters at redhat.com>
> wrote:
>> Today @dkliban, @daviddavis, and I met with two Katello developers,
>> @jsherrill and @paji, to talk through some of the integration of Katello
>> and Pulp3. Here is a recap of what we discussed, a goal we identified, and
>> next steps.
>> # What we discussed
>> We went through Katello's UI and learned about:
>> - the various filtering needs of Katello. Pulp is pretty well setup to do
>> this already. I say filtering because the value is being matched, compared,
>> substring matched, etc for a specific field. They need to filter by a group
>> of repositories. For example, show me all RPM packages that are in
>> repositories X, Y, and Z as one filter. Similarly show me all RPM packages
>> that are in repository versions W, Q, T.
>> - full text search. Katello needs to be able to search for a term,
>> full-text style across some set of tables. Pulp does not have this
>> currently. It would be limited to some tables; knowing which tables need to
>> be searched would always be known.
>> - "groups of repos". Katello subscribes a machine to a "set of repos" all
>> of which Katello treats as one thing. This allows the client to stay
>> subscribed to one set of content which makes repo protection easier because
>> you don't have to change certs constantly. Then the content in those repos
>> is what changes. This means when Katello does something it typically
>> involves that same operation for a group of repos.
>> - applicability. There are calculations that Katello has done above and
>> beyond Pulp even in Pulp2. Pulp should be able to run all calculations that
>> Katello needs to avoid them having to reindex the content to run those same
>> calculations.
>> # A goal identified
>> To move work into Pulp such that Katello never needs to reindex Pulp's
>> content.
>> # Next Steps
>> We're going to map out the existing Katello application page-by-page and
>> capture use cases for each. We will do this over a series of meetings,
>> two-per week. At our next meeting we are outlining a schedule of all the
>> pages.
>> For each item we will outline a very-brief technical plan (a few words)
>> of the steps katello will take when interacting with Pulp for each. We will
>> also clearly sort use cases into those that have all the necessary Pulp
>> parts already in place and those that Pulp cannot yet fulfill.
>> Our next report will contain the list of topics with a proposed schedule
>> of the first few and what they will cover. This will likely live on the
>> wiki.
>> Comments, ideas, discussion, concerns, etc are all welcome.
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