[Pulp-dev] Sprint 55 Meeting Minutes

Robin Chan rchan at redhat.com
Mon Jun 24 21:05:37 UTC 2019

Not a whole lot to add in addition to
<https://pulp.plan.io/projects/pulp/wiki/Sprint_Plans> *


*Action Items:*

   - rchan: new, assigned, post - moved during sprint planning

   - rchan: Clear Sprint Candidate https://pulp.plan.io/issues?query_id=26

   - rchan: send out planning minutes

   - dkliban: address 5004 - clarification and

   - AI: discussion on Pulp 3 story flow/triage - grant just sent out note

*Action Items from last Sprint Planning*

   - dkliban: create tasks for adding feature lists to file and docker

   - dkliban: send out planning minutes

   - kersom: will organize meeting to imrpove testing process for pulp 2


*Current sprint:*
Anything not moving forward?
These issues will not go to Sprint 55 - comments made on issues.
4558 - needs some grooming
4562 - only for devs, can be done later, not stakeholder urgent/immediate
4028 - raga worked on this,  not groomed

4722 - we will address this later, not added
5004 - added
4917 - not a katello P1, not  added now
5003 - small task to get started - yes added.

*Pending Items:*
Features that are in planning and anticipated to be ready to add before end
of sprint.

   - 3802: id as katello concern - high risk bmbouter will help plan

   - 4413: blocked by ^ lets add together

   - 4681: bmbouter - need to get groomed/planned

   - new issue written from

*QE Focus:*

   - 2.20 release

   - Pulp 3
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