CUPS printing via the network

Mark Knecht markknecht at
Tue Jun 14 02:45:59 UTC 2005

> Run "system-config-printer" on the CUPS server.  When it comes up,
> right click on the printer you're trying to share and select
> "Sharing..."  Make sure the "This queue is available to other printers"
> option is checked, then put in the appropriate "Allowed Hosts" IP stuff.
> For example, for my entire firewalled /24 network, I have
> "" in there.  Save the changes, then click on
> the "Apply" button.
> Once the CUPS system restarts, go to one of the clients and also run
> system-config-printer.  Click on the "Browsed Queues" thing and you
> should see the printer in there.  Select it and you're ready to go.

Thanks Rick. That worked well for all machines.

Have a great evening,

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