Upgrade from Redhat 9 to Fedora Core 3 problem,

Leila Lappin damovand at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 14 03:09:12 UTC 2005

I’m attempting to upgrade from Redhat 9 to Fedora core
3.  I’m an application developer not a system person
so I purchased the CDs instead of attempting to
download and burn them myself.  Tonight after I
received the CDs I started to install them but the
process hangs just as soon as it starts.  The
following is what happens.

     Insert FC3 first CD and restart my system
     Choose "Graphic Mode" by pressing enter

A bunch of diagnostics run on the console then the
screen starts changing color, the diagnostics fade out
and a bunch of vertical lines appear.  After that
nothing happens the CD drive open but when I place the
second CD in it nothing happens.  Does anyone have any
idea what’s going on and why?   If this is not the
right place for me to ask my questions could someone
please suggest a better list or forum?  

Thanks for your advice 

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