How to recover for booting Windows CD and Windows partitions?

Andrew Tsang ccandrew at
Sun Jun 19 10:10:52 UTC 2005

> > Andrew Tsang wrote: 
> > I've figured out the problem of booting the 2 WinXP at the last 2
> > partitions. Since the partition numbers of these 2 WinXP had
> > by 2 after I created the Linux partitions, changing c:\boot.ini to
> > the 2 corresponding boot entries referencing the new partition
> > resolves the problem. However, I am still unable to boot from any
> > Installation CD.
> Rick Stevens wrote:
> We prefer bottom posting here, Andrew.  Please try to comply if you
> You have to set your BIOS to try to boot the CD BEFORE the hard drive.
> I typically have the boot order set to:
>     floppy
>     CD/DVD
>     USB flash drive
>     hard drive
> The idea is to have the system try removable media first before the
> hard disk.

My BIOS was always set to boot CD first then Hard Drive, otherwise I
would not be able to boot CD for installing my WinXPs & Linux. Seems
booting of the WinXP installation CD depends on certain information on
the hard drive during the initial stage & such information was
overwritten by the Linux installation or Grub. I've tried swapping with
another hard drive to test out my WinXP installation CD media & it works
fine. My question is how I could recover such information so that I can
boot from WinXP installation CD again without affecting all bootable
partitions (including Linux).

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