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Re: consent to monitoring banner for ssh

Bill Tangren wrote:
On Wed, 5 Dec 2007, Bill Tangren wrote:

Well, you *could* do the "acceptance by logging in" thing... or you can
force them to type [yes|no].  Here's how I accomplish that.
Firstly, thanks for the help.

I've done this on a test platform, and I end up with a dialog box when I
log into the GUI, but hitting the cancel button still lets me in.

I DO NOT get a prompt when I ssh, nor do I get one from the text console
or tty consoles (ctl+F1 through ctl+F6).

Any ideas on implement this in those circumstances?

Have you tried implementing this by replacing the user's shell (in
/etc/passwd or equivalent) with your own wrapper script?

Hmmm...replace bash (or leave bash alone and replace the login shell in
/etc/passwd) with a script that calls bash if they say OK? No, I hadn't
thought of that. I'll try it on my test platform, and report back. It will
be interesting to see how Windows programs like putty and winscp handle

You can create a wrapper. I'll look into the allowing access even when clicking no/cancel.

Shawn D. Wells
Solutions Architect, Federal Team
swells redhat com
C: 443-534-0130

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