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RE: RHEL5 performance

The first thing I'd do is ensure I have EM running (dbconsole or grid
control), this will tell you what the actual DB performance is like and
what queries are bad.

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  Thank You to all

>>  because you'll need to be to fix these sorts of problems.

Yes I am an Oracle DBA user.The  deterioration of performance happen 
specially during the I-O to DB or during the call to PHP pages that use 
Oracle DB. How can I to fix the problem ?

>>  What shows in dmesg and /var/log/messages?

No errors founded in dmesg and /var/log/messages

>>  Have you run memtest86+ on this system?  Have you run Dell
Diagnostics on this system?

Yes. All tests are passed succefully.

>>  Are you using scanip ? (Virt ip/networking)

Scanip report that all is correct.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Best Regards.


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