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[zanata-users] Merge translations between documents


I'm using Zanata 4.1.0 for a gettext project.
One can merge translations from a version of a project to another.
I have a version of my project with two documents.
I checked that some strings to translate in the second document are already translated in the first document.
I would like to merge translations of the first document that is almost completely translated
into the second document where nothing has been translated yet.

I have not found a way to do this directly in Zanata.
Is there a way to do it in Zanata, please ?
If not, what would be the recommended method to merge the second document .pot with the translations .po of the first document,
and import this into Zanata to complete manually the missing translations, please ?

Thanks in advance, best regards,
   Laurent Lyaudet

PĂ´le DĂ©veloppement architecture
04 78 48 23 17
501 rue de la Ronze

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