[linux-lvm] Silence Pool Check Overprovisioning Warnings

Robert Simmons rsimmons0 at gmail.com
Thu May 5 16:11:29 UTC 2022


I knowingly overprovision storage pools. I have careful monitoring of the
overall free space in the storage pool, and the snapshots that I take for a
particular volume are ephemeral. They're only related to a particular
reverse engineering task. Once the task is complete, all the snapshots are
deleted. There are a set of warnings that are generated
during pool_check_overprovisioning here:


The second, third, and fourth warnings are printed
via log_print_unless_silent but the first is printed via log_warn. I would
like an option that would silence all four of these warnings. If all four
were logged via log_print_unless_silent, there would still be the problem
of what other very useful warnings would I be silencing. This would be a
suboptimal fix. I have read one proposed fix that appears to be optimal for
my use case: adding an envvar "LVM_SUPPRESS_POOL_WARNINGS". This was
proposed by zkabelac at redhat.com here:

What would be the next steps to getting this option implemented?

I see that there have been two threads about these warnings in the past:

One issue in the bug tracker that I can find:

Finally, we have a thread going about our use case over at Proxmox here:

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